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Maybe it's Bowser's fault as to why he is always being beaten by Mario since he always tantalizes our favorite plumber to try and get Princess Peach back.
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The only time Princess Zelda in not unflinching in "Twilight Princess" is when she surrenders her country of Hyrule to the evil lizard-faced Zant.
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Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS was a comely surprise for veteran gamers who had been waiting for about 20 years for Pit to make his comeback.
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Title:Video Games:An Overview.
Authors:Belanger, Craig

Wagner, GeraldineSource:Points of View: **Video** **Games**, 2011, p1-1, 1pDocument Type:ArticleSubject Terms:**VIDEO** **game** industry

**VIDEO** **games**

ELECTRONIC **games**

INTERNET **games**

COMPUTER **games**


WORLD Wide WebLexile:[[javascript:openWideTip('');|1430]]Full Text Word Count:2380ISBN:9781429823333Accession Number:28675348Persistent link to this record (Permalink): of View Reference Center

Title:Point: Video Games Should Be Celebrated and Improved Rather than Prohibited
Authors:Issitt, Micah

Walker, KatherineSource:Points of View: **Video** **Games**, 2011, p2-2, 1pDocument Type:ArticleSubject Terms:VIOLENCE in **video** **games**

**VIDEO** **games**


FREEDOM of speech

ELECTRONIC **games**

PARENTSLexile:[[javascript:openWideTip('');|1400]]Full Text Word Count:2674ISBN:9781429823333Accession Number:28675349Persistent link to this record (Permalink): of View Reference Center