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Unit 2 Vocabulary

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1) As I dashed through the woods, the alien looking creature scattered into the trees while the others followed.

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2) The comenly looking man searched through the rack of clothes as the group of ladies peaked under the shelf, admiring him.

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3) Rushing to fold the clothes and finish my chores, my mother compensated $10 into my wallet for the mall.

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Information of my Source and Identification
Counterpoint: Cosmetic Surgery is a Dangerous and Costly Trend.|ss~~TX%2B%22SURGERY%2C%2BPlastic%22%2BAND%2BTX%2B%22SELF%2Desteem%22%2BAND%2B%28TX%2B%22QUALITY%2Bof%2Blife%22%2BOR%2BTX%2B%22MAKEOVER%2Btelevision%2Bprograms%22%2BOR%2BTX%2B%22SURGERY%2B%2D%2D%2BComplications%22%29','');|Find More Like ThisAuthors:Sexton, Jennifer

Carson-Dewitt, RosalynSource:**Points of View: Cosmetic Surgery**, 2011, p3-3, 1pDocument Type:ArticleSubject Terms:**SURGERY**, **Plastic**


QUALITY of life

MAKEOVER television programs

**SURGERY** -- ComplicationsLexile:[[javascript:openWideTip('');|1490]]Full Text Word Count:1739ISBN:9781429822992Accession Number:28675213Persistent link to this record (Permalink): of View Reference Center

Is Cosmetic Surgery Immoral?|ss~~TX%2B%22SURGERY%2C%2BPlastic%22%2BAND%2BTX%2B%22AGING%2B%2D%2D%2BPrevention%22%2BAND%2B%28TX%2B%22IMMORALITY%22%2BOR%2BTX%2B%22AESTHETICS%22%2BOR%2BTX%2B%22SURGERY%22%29','');|Find More Like ThisAuthors:Hemingway, Mollie ZieglerSource:Christianity Today, Mar2010, Vol. 54 Issue 3, p56, 1pDocument Type:ArticleSubject Terms:**SURGERY**, **Plastic**

AGING -- Prevention



**SURGERY**Lexile:[[javascript:openWideTip('');|1230]]ISSN:00095753Accession Number:48609890Persistent link to this record (Permalink): of View Reference Center